Making Energy Cheap, Clean and Cheerful
Innovation & technology for businesses across the whole energy value chain


Our clients range in size from micro-businesses to multi-national corporations. They include energy managers, retail suppliers, energy networks, IT providers, renewable developers and clean-tech

From small acorns great oak trees grow.


TILIX. helps smart energy entrepreneurs get their early stage innovation and technology off the ground.

TILIX. is proud to have supported several start ups including Uniti Sweden, Our Power, Become Energy and Tailored Motor.

First, we invest in deep conversations with our clients. Then we co-create solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements for technical direction and/or seed capital.

SMEs are saplings


Our SME clients seek help with growth, optimisation or inventing the next wave.

These clients value the optimism TILIX. brings from the start up market and the confidence we bring from the corporate market.

TILIX. provides a range of packaged services including consulting, interim management, projects and outsourcing.

Corporates are strong and solid like full grown oaks


For larger organisations, Tilix offers staff augmentation for the short and medium term.

Our briefs have included a mix of tactical and operational missions. Our experience with a broad range of technologies and business processes makes TILIX. an ideal outsource partner.

Clients include National Grid, Telefonica, Smart DCC, Ofgem, Good Energy and Ovo Energy.


A small sharp team with oodles of domain & solution expertise

TILIX. was founded by Dr Neil Williams and Dr Duncan Tytler. Neil majors in energy supply and digital transformation. Duncan is an authority in the energy services market and demand side management.

Christina Williams takes care of marketing & Deborah Kelly is our administrative assistant.

Day to day, TILIX. works with the ideas, innovation and technology that will solve global energy problems and create opportunities to make life better for everyone.

We stand on the shoulders of giants from fields as diverse as computing, engineering, physics, manufacturing, military science, economics and psychology.


Reinventing fire and making fossil fuel obsolete

TILIX. helps its clients use innovation and technology to find solutions to the Energy Trilemma:

  • Can we have energy that is secure and does not cost the earth?
  • Are we creating and using energy in the most efficient way?
  • Can "the system" be trusted to do the right thing, now and in the future?

The stone age ended before we ran out of stones and we are optimistic that we can solve the energy trilemma before fossil fuels run out.

Please if you share our passion, sense of urgency and constancy of purpose.

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