Tilix Smart Energy

Whole System Transformation of Gas & Electricity

Business Architecture

Tilix Business Architeture

Tilix supports our clients through designing, deploying and optimising their processes, technology and people. Our dynamic, value-driven approach gets results and delivers competitive advantage. Read more.

Digital Engineering

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Tilix designs, builds and maintains systems of engagement and systems of intelligence for the energy sector. Our expertise spans websites, social media, mobile apps, IoT, big data and AI. Read more.

Energy Value Chain

Tilix clients value our authoritative views of the whole energy system. Mixing industry experience, commercial nous and modern market research methods gives Tilix a unique viewpoint of the challenges and opportunities across the energy value chain.

Collaboration Hubs

Tilix Collaboration Hub participants

Tilix is an organiser of seminars, workshops and online communities on topics such as blockchain, GDPR, AI, mobility and smart grid. These communities leverage digital technology to bring together the right people at the right time and in the right place. The collective knowledge available for active participants is a force multiplier.

Impact Investing

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Tilix uses retained earnings to support nascent, potentially game changing ideas in smart energy. We support startups and community energy groups who are innovating in generation, energy efficiency, battery storage, fintech and mobility. Read more.

Panels & Keynotes

Audience at IdeaLondon

Tilix experts are regularly invited to deliver keynotes and join panels at industry events. Disseminating our experience and expertise from across the whole energy value chain helps put open innovation at the heart of the transformation of gas and electricity. Read more