Tilix offers a range of research services that helps stakeholders in the energy and cleantech categories frame their market, develop their business and better understand product-market fit.

Tilix Research is delivered by experts who have whole system insight and experience. Our clients trust us for advice, ideas and opinions around technologies, people, processes, organisations, markets, products and projects.

Tilix Business Architeture

Our clients choose Tilix Research to:

  • assess markets across short, medium and long term horizons;
  • gain insights that help target and convert at every level in the business development funnel;
  • create bespoke, repurposable content that fuels innovation, sales and marketing activity.

Service Catalogue

Tilix Research projects involve fact finding, analysis and synthesis. They deliver reports and presentations which are served with dollops of creative thinking. Examples of research projects include:

  • Due Diligence: enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers before entering into an agreement or contract;
  • Options Analysis: listing and valuing options available to business management, regulators and investors relating to opportunities and threats;
  • Feasibility Study: uncovering the practicality of a change to an existing business or a proposed new venture;
  • Market Insight: gathering information about target markets or customers to support the business strategy process or business development activities;
  • Meta-analysis: statistical analyses that combine the results of multiple studies.

Tilix Research FAQ

  • How long does it take to execute a research project? Two months is the average duration but shorter or longer projects are quite common.
  • How long are research reports? It depends on the type of report, the subject chosen, as well as other factors. Tilix reports range from five-page market overviews or appraisals to upwards of 60 pages for in-depth studies.
  • Can I ask Tilix to validate our claims? Absolutely. We are happy to act as an independent third party to validate your company’s claims about its products and/or services. However, we don’t guarantee the outcome. If it is unfavourable, you should treat the report as internal lessons learnt rather than marketing collateral.


Examples of Tilix Research in practice:

  • Energy Storage: Tilix has expertise in lithium-ion battery technology, vehicle to grid and other areas. We have advised several startups in this space including Uniti EV and Pivot Power.
  • Electric Heating: Logicor Heating, a leader in far-field IR heating technology, has benefited both tactically and strategically from Tilix Research focused on metering and sensors.
  • B2B Software: Tilix has explored trends in pricing, integration, infrastructure and business intelligence affecting the market for software vendors including Generis and Senapt.

Find Out More

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss the Tilix Research value proposition in more detail. We will be delighted to provide sample reports or a paper describing our methods and experience in more detail.