Partnership Brokering

Tilix brokers partnerships to increase the effectiveness of the products, services and business processes of organisations across the energy, cleantech and ACES mobility value chains.

Tilix takes a holistic viewpoint and adopts a systematic approach to collaboration. It has helped to create successful partnerships between many different stakeholders.

Tilix Business Architeture

Tilix can support organisations soar with their strengths regardless of their culture, maturity, sector or size.

We facilitate efficient and effective partnerships by empowering and connecting clients, associates, manufacturers and services providers.

Key Challenges

Partnering is not low-cost nor a quick fix - particularly when dealing with wicked problems. Economic, environmental and societal challenges are so complex that collaboration is necessary but not sufficient.

Few companies in our experience take the time to articulate their own business model. Fewer have any clear idea about the business models of their external relationships. Henry Chesbrough

It is vital that in every partnership there is ongoing consideration of factors including:

  • Loss of autonomy
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Drain on resources
  • Implementation challenges
  • Negative reputation impact


Partnerships and collaborations are initiated and formed for many different reasons, for example:

  • Drawing on a wider pool of talent.
  • Accessing knowledge that reduces risk.
  • Access to new customers and markets.
  • New value propositions
  • Increase brand awareness and trust.
  • Improve quality & reduce cost
  • Innovate and problem solve faster

In complex scenarios, working in collaboration with different players from different societal sectors is often the only route.


Partnerships can be pretty hard to do. Commitment, leadership, a collaborative mind-set, and strong relationship management are necessary but not sufficient.

Underlying all this is the necessity to adhere to the core principles of partnership:

  • Equity: Every partner has equal right to be at the table but and provide a fair and reasonable share of the input resources.
  • Transparency: Only with openness and trust can a partnership be truly successful.
  • Mutual benefit: Just as important as delivering a common good, each partner should enjoy specific benefits.

Areas of focus

Creating concurrence between stakeholders on the strategic importance of collaboration is a key area of focus for Tilix in its role as a partnership broker.

When parties are clear about each other’s strategic objectives it is easier to spot partnership opportunities and define:

  • Requirements: What help is needed? What is the desired value from a partnership?
  • Value offer: What is given in exchange? Is there a quid pro quo?
  • Activities: How will partners be connected and exchange value?
  • Goals: What is the end result? What is the value delivered by the partnership?

Success Stories

Tilix has broad experience of bringing together different stakeholders to join their resources and competencies. These have involved businesses, academia, regulators, development agencies and policy makers. For example:

  • Frugal Energy Supply: Bringing together energy industry innovators Logicor, Senapt and Homebox to deliver an electricity supply business that has low operating costs and the flexibility to scale when conditions are right.
  • Faster Switching: created a whole system map of the customer journey to help build concurrence with stakeholders across the GB gas and electricity industries.

Find Out More

The Tilix Blog includes posts about partnership brokering cases and best practice. For example:

Tilix is proud to stand on the shoulders of giants including tpi, The Partnership Brokers Association and The Partnerships Resource Centre.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss the Tilix Brokering Partnerships value proposition in more detail. We will be delighted to support internal and external collaboration in your organisation.