Licensee Consulting

Tilix helps suppliers, networks and generators meet their mission critical regulatory requirements. Here our knowledge and experience in the energy industry licenses, codes, processes, customs and practices are in high demand.

The services build on the team’s experience from work with policy makers, regulators, “Big Six” and challengers

Tilix Business Architeture

Tilix customer success stories verify that our services deliver results and are value for money. References are available from:

- National Grid   - Logicor Energy
- Ofgem   - Pivot Power
- Smart DCC   - Maxen Power
- Ovo Energy   - Our Power
- Good Energy    - Farringdon Energy

First steps

An Enterprise Health Check is the entry point in all new engagements. This four step work package can be applied to a single process (e.g. customer acquisition, meter exchange) or function (e.g. customer service, billing, IT). However, most impact is achieved when the whole enterprise is in scope.

  1. The initial goal is to observe through light-weight structured interviews and desk research.
  2. A more intense Diagnostic Assessment looks at the current strategic and tactical state.
  3. Business Architecture Advice and a Recommendations Report provides options to decide on.
  4. Follow up support frames how to act on the road to change.

Success stories

Tilix is a member of Ofgem’s Consulting Framework and UVDB approved by Achilles. The following give a flavour of the depth and breadth of experience available from Tilix. More case studies are available on request.

Ofgem: Created architectural descriptions of the as is model of switching in gas and electricity to support the start up of the Faster & More Reliable Switching Programme.

Pivot Power: Licensing and codes advisory spanning generation, distribution and supply of electricity.

Logicor Energy: Turnkey market entry including supplier hub, call centre, digital channels, wholesale, networks and innovation.

Recipes for every situation

The lessons learnt from cases are numerous and wide ranging. Tilix understands that there is no one size fits all solution. We know when to use different tools and how to adapt to the different cycles:

Start-up and accelerated growth is about initiating and managing a rapidly growing business. Assembling capabilities and optimising performance are the key points of focus.

Sustaining success is about finding new ways to take a business to the next level and ensuring complacency does not take root.

Realignment and Turnaround are cycles where the focus is returning a business to a sustainable state. Sometimes it is not obvious change is necessary. Sometimes there is an obvious crisis.

Power tools

Tilix uses scores of the most useful, versatile and value-adding tools used by management consultants the world-over. Three favourites consistently deliver a huge impact and long-lasting business value:

Maturity models: Tilix has adopted and developed frameworks for continuous improvement. These qualitatively assess people/culture, processes, organisational structures and technology across a number of business disciplines.

Digital collaboration: Tilix is expert at using online meetings, team chat-rooms, co-authoring documents and shared spreadsheets to connect networks of participants and to get stuff done.

Partnerships: There is no such thing as “end to end” or “we can do it all”. Tilix works as a partnership broker to help our clients meet their licensable obligations and grow.

Practice directors

Dr Neil Williams has been at the cutting edge of computing and electrical engineering for over 30 years. He has recently worked on assignments with Ovo Energy, Good Energy, National Grid, Smart DCC, Shell etc. His technical expertise and commercial nous are much sought after within the smart energy sector.

Andrew Hancock has extensive experience working in the energy sector. This spans three decades and the spectrum from big six to challenger suppliers. His resume includes roles with British Energy, EDF, Axpo and Logicor Energy.

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Our blog and LinkedIn Company Page covers success stories, ideas, opinions and industry news relevant to licensable activities. For example:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss the Tilix Licensee Consulting value proposition in more detail. We will be delighted to help you build and maintain licensable activities in your organisation.