Digital Engineering

Tilix helps our clients use digital technology to underpin sustainable competitive advantage in the brave new world of smart energy.

The services Tilix provides builds on extensive Director’s experience in architecting solutions for Royal Mail, RBS, VW, Man City FC, West Indies Cricket, the R&A etc.

Tilix Digital Engineering

Some of our digital development and consulting clients in energy include:

  • Homebox
  • Logicor Energy
  • Solar Nest
  • Pivot Power
  • Energy Local
  • Enian
  • Good Energy
  • Ovo Energy

Key Challenges

  • Time Complex eco-systems which don't appear overnight and inefficient marketing processes that take too much effort.
  • Cost High software costs and complex integrations with hidden technical debt.
  • Quality Increasing customer trust & loyalty whilst optimising engagement rates.
  • Scope Leveraging customer insights to direct & control campaigns which strengthen customer relationships.

Possible Solutions

  • Modern Marketing Tools Next generation CMS and CRM applications enabling a fully digital experience with all relevant management information easily accessible.
  • Omni-channel customer engagement Modern, user-friendly & device independent digital customer interfaces that handle multiple customer touch points.
  • Data-driven marketing & communications A data-centric platform that uses customer insights to target compelling communication and offers.


  • Customer Engagement This at the heart of modern business. Digital is changing the game with new rules and possibilities that were unimaginable a few years ago.
  • Efficiency Operations powered by digital technology create a competitive advantage through superior productivity, innovation and agility.
  • Innovation The fossil fuel end game will be a more radical upheaval than we have seen in retail, music, newspapers, and finance. Digital enterprises are in pole position to challenge current business models in the global energy system.

Case Study: EVEC Automotive

We chose Tilix because we want our customers to have credible, useful and engaging digital experiences with EVEC. Not only will our new business systems showcase our work, it will enable the EVEC team to better manage customer relationships and increase marketing ROI.” - Martin Söderlind, Founder of EVEC

The solution includes a new mobile friendly website coupled with Forestry CMS, Hubspot CRM and MailChimp campaign management. Read more.

Shaping the Future of Energy

Tilix builds enterprise solutions that support the energy industry address challenges and opportunities in customer engagement and running the back office.

Tilix helps our clients stay competitive by making it easier for them to understand, control and access digital ways of marketing and innovating. By doing so, we accelerate the transition into an energy system that is cheap, clean and cheerful.

Tilix helps smart energy businesses engage their customers digitally by using web, email, social and mobile combined with data-driven, targeted communication.

Tilix is passionate about how web, mobile, IoT, cloud and platforms can be leveraged to transform customer experiences, back office processes and business models in the energy sector.

Find Out More

The Tilix Blog contains posts about our User Centred, Lean, Agile, Partnership Focussed and Open Source approach to Digital Engineering. For example:

Please Contact Us to access detailed papers, case studies, reference architectures and examples of a variety of digital engineering artefacts.