Data Science

Almost every part of the energy value chain can be optimised by data and/or algorithms.

Tilix applies data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to machine learning in search of precious insights.

Tilix is expert the in tools and algorithms that help unlock data and make data-driven decisions.

As well as technical wizardry, Tilix brings its extensive domain knowledge in energy and cleantech to the process of data analysis.

Tilix Business Architeture

Our clients include energy companies (renewables, gas and oil), cleantech innovators and major users of energy.

The holistic mix of technical and domain expertise that Tilix brings to the table is critical for putting data science to work within the challenging markets in which our clients operate.

Challenges & Benefits

The challenges faced by the energy and cleantech industry are dirty and noisy data coupled with lack of access to technical wizards who also have valuable domain expertise. The benefits Tilix data science has delivered include:

  • Improved B2B sales effectiveness
  • Optimised supply chains
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Consumer behaviour prediction

Service Catalogue

Tilix data science services can be used in a variety of contexts from semantic analysis of text in emails or social media to fraud detection for energy retailers. Assignments are always unique but typically encompass one or more options from the following list:

  1. Data cleansing, wrangling and munging
  2. Time series and image analysis
  3. Natural language processing
  4. Statistics
  5. Acquiring the right tools, models and algorithms
  6. Interactive visualisations


One of the most effective ways of demonstrating the value of Tilix data science expertise is to see it in action.

Data science montage

  • Sustainable Direction: Statistical analysis and interactive visualisation of meter data as a critical component of energy audits and environmental engineering.
  • Logicor Energy: Analysing large volumes of data to gain insights about customer behaviour and identify opportunities to improve operations.
  • Enian: Provide GIS data sets and insights as part of an industrial-academic partnership in applied artificial intelligence.
  • National Grid: Developed analytics built on top of an industrial IoT platform.

Find Out More

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss Tilix’s Data Science value proposition in more detail. We will be delighted to share details of our methods and experience with you.

Digital Montage

You will soon find a selection of posts in the Tilix Blog that share our data science ideas, opinions and experiences. For example:

  • What is data science & its use cases?
  • How much is big data impacting sustainability?
  • What does data science mean for the energy industry?
  • Event Journal: Energy in Data Conference 2019
  • Scraping and analysis of online news