Business Architecture

Tilix offers a full range of business architecture services to support its clients in the energy and cleantech sectors.

We help make people, processes, projects, data and technology more effective. Start-up and SME clients leverage Tilix playbooks to improve their businesses. Larger enterprises use Tilix to augment their staff or deliver bespoke projects.

With industry experts on board, including leaders with experience from publicly listed utilities, Tilix understands both the challenges and what success looks like.

Tilix Business Architeture

Our dynamic, value-driven approach has helped create successful businesses from the ground up, turn around failing initiatives and deliver clear business value.

Some of our recent business architecture clients include:

- National Grid   - Logicor Energy
- Ofgem   - Smart DCC
- Ovo Energy   - Our Power
- Good Energy    - Farringdon Energy

Key Challenges

Tilix are well versed in the challenges of modern business. This includes launching a venture or project; saving a business or initiative that has gone off the rails; dealing with accelerated growth; re-energising a team that has lost its leadership position; or maintaining the legacy of a successful leader who has moved on.

In any situation there are the usual business constraints of time, cost, quality and scope. As experienced managers, Tilix know how to plan, monitor and control projects and operations. Where there are competing demands, Tilix are adept at making necessary adjustments to keep things on track.

In recent years, by far the most common challenge for businesses have been around incorporating digital into business architectures.

Digital transformation is often focussed on technological advances such as social, AI, IoT, cloud, big data, mobile, industry 4.0 etc. However, it is best thought of as a way of empowering people to solve their traditional problems in a digital way or to enable new types of innovation and creativity.

While the impact of digital on energy and cleantech has been profound, there are many in these industries who have not yet exploited its full potential.

Possible Solutions

The specifics of Tilix business architecture solutions vary dramatically, depending on which strategy the client is pursuing. There are also huge variety in approaches to governance, IT, finance, budgeting, project office, acquisitions, contracting, operations and compliance.

In every case we find that our clients value Tilix’s systematic approach to the management of requirements, project portfolios, business processes, risk etc.

Deliverables through the arc of execution from invent, deploy to optimise may include:

  • Vision & Competitive Landscape
  • Canvases, Value Streams & Process Maps
  • Benchmarks & Evaluations
  • Business Case
  • Strategic Plan & Road Map
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Business Operating Models


Tilix clients are customer obsessed. Tilix supports customer centricity by helping our clients create business models and operations that delight their increasingly mobile, social, informed and global audiences.

A few years ago, mentioning Thinking People Systems, Theory of Constraints, Cost of Delay, Throughput Accounting etc to someone from a utility company would lead to a wry smile. Lean and agile were definitely on the radar but there was too much resistance to overcome in a sector that’s driven by regulations and compliance. The conversation has now shifted to:

How can we become more agile and do it at scale?

Tilix clients who avoid or move away from top-down, hierarchical command and control approaches to doing business are finding themselves better able to cope with extremes such as 10x accelerated growth despite operating in challenging regulatory, economic and technological environments.

Testimonial: Logicor Energy

We chose Tilix not just for expertise in electricity supply but also for visionary leadership in a rapidly changing market. - David Bowen, CEO Logicor Group

Clear Heating - Logicor

Tilix consultants are applying their commercial and technical expertise around buying, selling, moving, metering and managing energy in setting up new electricity supplier Logicor Energy

Tilix involvement has been particularly intense whilst Logicor establishes its initial operating capabilities and execute a controlled market entry.

During the full market entry and BAU, Tilix will take an advisory role and work on a call off basis.

Shaping the Future of Energy

Tilix builds business solutions that support the energy industry in responding to the challenges and opportunities in disruptive trends. In helping our clients leverage emerging technologies to create new business models and improve existing businesses, we accelerate the transition into an energy system that is cheap, clean and cheerful.

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