Service Catalogue

Tilix provides a range of packaged services including consulting, interim management, projects and outsourcing. A digital first value proposition makes Tilix an ideal marketing and innovation partner within the energy and clean-tech sectors.

Tilix is a wheel-turner with the ability to drive through the marketing and innovation challenges on the road to winning the fossil fuel end game.

Tilix delivers value to its clients (including National Grid, Ofgem and Smart DCC) through projects, staff augmentation & playbooks. The Tilix service catalogue builds on extensive Director’s experience from interim management positions at Ovo Energy and Good Energy.

Change is like oxygen to Tilix. Recognised industry best practices are the tools of Tilix’s trade.

Tilix Business Architeture

At Logicor Energy, Tilix led projects are instrumental in setting up an electricity supply business.

Tilix have augmented staff at Telefonica IoT (as the comms hub Technical Lead for SMIP) and at National Grid (as industrial IoT & Analytics architect for the Deeside Project).

Where practical, Tilix packages its knowledge and experience into playbooks: repeatable, preconfigured solution kits tailored to market requirements which leverage pre-established processes and technology. Deliverables are customised as opposed to custom.

Digital Engineering

Tilix designs, builds and maintains systems of engagement and systems of intelligence that deliver value across the whole energy value chain.

Tilix are experts in loosely coupling the latest digital technology with systems of record from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) including Generis, Gentrack, Utiligroup, Ferranti, AMT-Sybex, CGI and Senapt.


Research has never been more critical in helping government and industry increase the stock of knowledge on local, regional, national and international problems and opportunities in energy.

Tilix couples authoritative views of the energy industry together with modern market research methods which gives our clients a unique perspective on the smart and digital transformation of energy.

Data Science

Tilix extract raw data and transform it into meaningful input before executing scientific algorithms and preparing visualisations.

We do this for clients in a variety of energy and cleantech markets. For example, in energy management Tilix data science guides our clients to reduce energy costs and carbon.

Leading Innovation

Entrepreneurs looking for the next wave of energy and clean-tech innovation turn to Tilix to help generate ideas, find the most promising options and create tangible results.

The tools and techniques we use include Lean Start-up, pretotyping, prototyping, Business Model Canvas, ideation workshops, natural planning and (good old fashioned) brainstorming.

Business Architecture

Tilix offers a full range of business architecture services to support a broad range of clients in the energy and cleantech sectors.

We help deliver business value more quickly and make change efforts around people, process and technology more effective. Start-up and SME clients leverage Tilix playbooks to develop their capabilities and deliver a more effective business. Larger enterprises use Tilix to augment their own staff.

Licensee Consulting

Tilix offers experience from across the whole value chain. For example in retail energy, we worked for Ofgem in faster and more reliable switching. In generation and distribution, Pivot Power turned to Tilix for insights.

Tilix understands that there is no one size fits all solution. We know when to use different tools and how to adapt to different business cycles from startup to turnaround.

Directing IT

Building on experience of long term IT leadership assignments with Ovo and Good Energy, Tilix provides a range of IT management and IT governance services to SMEs in the energy, sustainability and clean-tech markets.

For organisations without an IT Director, Tilix offers a fractional CIO service. For SMEs with an in-house IT capability, Tilix provides ad hoc advisory, interim management and project based solutions on an as needed basis.

Brokering Partnerships

It is not surprising that Key Partnerships is the first section of the Business Model Canvas. There is no such thing as end to end or we can do it all.

Tilix works as a partnership broker to help our clients push forwards their commercial success in the transition to smart and digital energy.