Keynotes & Panels

Neil Williams

28 Jul 2018

Tilix enjoy talking about a wide range of topics across the whole energy value chain. We regularly deliver keynotes and join panels at energy industry events.

Keynotes & panels

The eMobility Summit will discuss the key challenges people have with electric vehicle and to present the latest trends in connectivity, autonomy and sharing. We are of course delighted to have Tilix and their client Uniti EV as speakers. Adrian Said, Event Director, eMobility Summit.

Our Specialisms

Tilix talks with authority about challenges and opportunities in the energy industry. For example we’ve been invited to speak about:

  • the practicalities of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)
  • the long term impact of Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and electric mobility.

The first thing I did this morning was to sing the praises of yesterday’s GDPR seminar. The speakers were articulate and clear and for what could have been a very dry event, it was timed to perfection and my objectives for the day were met. Senior Civil Servant.

It was a very informative event and I have taken a lot out of it. I have been to three GDPR events and yours was definitely the most informative and practical. Energy Retailer

Tilix speakers have introduced inspiring new ideas and opinions to Wheatley. This has been a great help in clarifying our approach to the digital transformation of the energy industry. Jeremey Goulding, CEO, Wheatley Solutions

Our People

Neil provided an informative and engaging talk on Digital Energy for our consultants’ Hub Event at TechUK, London. Dr Williams certainly kept our team engaged; his talk was well prepared and excellently delivered. Neil clearly knows his subject matter and handled the interactive debate with our team with aplomb. It was a pleasure to have him lead the session. Bryan Oak, COO, Searchlight Consulting

I am delighted to lead a team of experts who can bring a decades of experience and PhD level expertise to events. Open innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Tilix and our speakers can be relied upon to deliver thought-provoking talks on the subjects that really matter to energy industry professionals.

  • Andrew Hancock is an expert in business transformation and leading operations within gas and electricity supply.
  • Dr Duncan Tytler is an authority in smart metering, energy services and demand side management.
  • Professor John Henry Looney has formidable experience in environmental engineering and renewables.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has invited Professor John Henry Looney to be the keynote speaker at our last three Sustainability Conferences. This annual event is a very important part of our – and, indeed, Cornwall’s – business values and ambitions; so it is crucial we have somebody with international credentials, unceasing enthusiasm and who is an excellent presenter to head the line-up. We are looking forward to welcoming him back in June 2019 for, no doubt, another inspiring talk to Cornwall’s eager business community. Kim Conchie​, CEO, Cornwall Chamber

Experience of a Range of Events

Tilix people have been panellists at intimate networking events, facilitated workshops on some of the latest trends in the energy industry and delivered keynotes at various conferences.

We know that choosing a speaker is no simple task. That’s why we work closely with event organisers to create informative and engaging experiences for event audiences.

Dr Neil Williams from Tilix was an excellent choice of keynote speaker for our series of seminars on the next wave of mobile in the utilities sector. As well as being professionally organised, he challenged and inspired our audience. Neil knows the digital transformation of utilities inside and out. He gave a straight-talking, interactive presentation on the issues which really matter to the utilities today. As an added bonus, his social media promotion of our event helped bring in many quality leads. Jonathan Boakes, Managing Director, Nodes


Tilix is excited about future opportunities to participate in energy industry events as keynote speakers or panelists. If you are an event organiser who is looking to book talent for your next event, don’t hesitate to contact Tilix Smart Energy.