GDPR Information

Collected information (contact information) will be collected via Linkedin, MailChimp, Twitter and Hubspot by Ltd. It will not be passed on to any third party except for our bona fide data processors.

Data Controller Address

101 Rose Street South Lane, EDINBURGH, EH2 3JG

Personal Data

Is supplied to us by one or more of: yourself, Hubspot, LinkedIn, MailChimp or Twitter.

Data Categories

We collect: name, contact details, and your indications of interest and any notes you may supply as part of the Contact Us forms;

Our reasons for processing your personal data are:

  • Our legitimate interests are contract, service assessment, and preserving systems integrity/security.
  • We collect personal information
    • for you to register interest services offered by Ltd.
    • for us to consider whether you are appropriate for new services as and when they emerge.


  • to present you fee proposals or further information on the business or related services we may provide
  • for us to arrange and manage any resulting contracts including financial discussions
  • to contact you to arrange business meetings

Statutory Obligation

  • for us to comply with statutory obligations (eg GDPR, accounting, taxation).

Processes & Purposes

  • We store your data with Hubspot, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Dropbox.
  • We store your personal data for a maximum of six years after the expiry of any financial year in which any contract we have arranged for you is discharged; otherwise we may choose to destroy your data at any time. Prior to destroying your data we may choose to invite you to re-consent.
  • The GDPR provides you with rights to access, rectify, and erase your personal data; and to restrict or object to processing, and to supply or transfer your data in portable format.
  • Any consents you give may be withdrawn at any time, without affecting pre-withdrawal processing.
  • You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  • We use only bona fide data processors.
  • We will not transmit your data to any other third party unless required by law.