Making energy cheap, clean & cheerful

Tilix uses retained earnings to support nascent, potentially game changing ideas in smart energy.

Impact investing is proving to be a great way for Tilix to adapt to the emerging smart energy market. It is also a small but important contribution to winning the fossil fuel end game.

This approach has the potential to scale across a number of dimensions. For example, Tilix is building a syndicate to help share research and pool the resources of other likeminded angels.

Tilix Business Architeture
  • Bristol Energy Coop: Investor in solar bonds and Zero West project partner.
  • Uniti EV: Tilix was one of the first investors in this Swedish unicorn.
  • Become Energy: Seed capital and advice on strategic imperatives such as CRM, website platform and content.
  • Energy Local: Architected an online acquisition and self-service portal for Energy Local.
  • Enian: As an angel investor and technical adviser, Tilix has provided strategic and operational advice to the executive team.
  • As lead investor, Tilix is helping this smart home start-up be innovative and commercially savvy.
  • Low Carbon Gordano: Investor due diligence around plans for solar on roofs.

Seed investment

Tilix provides resources for a business start-outs in the smart energy category, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Opportunities come to us through online platforms like LinkedIn, and

We are actively advising and investing in Uniti, Become Energy, Open Utility, and Enian. The CEOs of these firms value the cash, advice, knowledge transfer and connections Tilix provides.

Pro bono

Tilix undertakes assignments for the public good. This is professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteerism, it brings specific Tilix skills and expertise to those who are unable to afford them. In particular, Tilix looks to work with community groups that are doing innovative work in smart and digital energy.

Joint venture

Tilix works with various partners (e.g. Sustainable Direction, NovAzure) on joint ventures. Here we share ownership, returns, risks, and governance. This is helping Tilix access new markets; gain scale efficiencies by combining assets and operations; or to access skills and capabilities that are not a core strength.


Tilix offers are fixed-term support including mentorship and educational components for start-outs that are ready to build serious momentum. Tilix knowledge, technology, labour and capital can help build teams, increase velocity and give direction.


Tilix has close relationships with incubators in London and the South West of England. As catalysts for both regional and national economic development, these organisations play a key role in helping to solve the energy trilemma.

Traditional instruments

Mature organisations in the smart & clean energy category regularly offer bonds and shares. For example Ecotricity, Good Energy and Bristol Energy Coop. Tilix has a rigorous fund management process for managing this asset class and is helping organisations in this space develop new propositions.

Crowd funding

Early stage businesses are raising finance on platforms like Kickstarter, Crowdcube and Seedrs. Tilix watches these platforms like a hawk and is continually evaluating opportunities.

We are particularly proud of the role Tilix played in helping Uniti EV raise circa €4M through two rounds. Campaigns that have perked our interest include Den Automation, Solar for Schools and PowerVault.


Small scale social enterprises can leverage Tilix knowledge, technology, labour and capital to help deliver their mission. We have a strong preference for helping organisations which address fuel poverty and air quality.