A Team with Focus & Intensity

The firm was founded by Neil Williams and comprises a growing roster of associates, support staff and partners. The "governing circle" includes Neil, Andrew Hancock and Duncan Tytler.

Neil has formidable experience across the whole energy value chain.

Andrew is an expert in leading front and back office operations within gas and electricity supply.

Duncan is an authority in smart metering, energy services and demand side management.

The Tilix team has experience in energy, clean-tech and ACES mobility.

Our solution expertise focuses around innovation and technology in computing, electric engineering and chemistry.

Day to day, Tilix works with the ideas, innovation and technology that will solve global energy problems and create opportunities to make life better for everyone.

Making Energy Cheap, Clean and Cheerful

Technologies such as renewables, waste to gas, electric vehicles combined with smart, digital control of energy is giving us clean air, energy security and create enormous wealth. In the long run, this is a key component of abating climate change and moving to a more sustainable planet.

Tilix operates on the basis that we are in a race against time rather than in competition with other firms.

Please reach out to us if you share our passion, sense of urgency, constancy of purpose and desire to work in partnership.