Resilience enter Co-Development with Anodox

Neil Williams

03 Jul 2021

LONDON: Resilience Energy, the developer of the R-Energy SaaS platform, has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Anodox AB regarding co-development of their digital foundations.

In order to accelerate Resilience Energy’s growth, the firm intends to jointly manage and contribute to cloud infrastructure together with its partner, Anodox AB, a Swedish designer, developer and manufacturer of high capacity, high power batteries for the automotive, grid, micromobility, marine and manufacturing industries.

The newly signed MoU specifically covers IoT, big data, AI and digital twinning: technologies which are essential for advanced management of batteries. The two companies will carry out multiple projects to enhance their capabilities and to develop commercial opportunities together.

As a first step in formalising the relationship between Resilience and Anodox, the Parties have entered into an MOU setting out the relationship between them and the proposed deliverables, which include the setup of supporting technology from AWS, Microsoft, Google, and others.

Completion of the arrangements is subject to the Parties entering into definitive agreements. Further announcements will be made as appropriate.

Loic Hares, founder and CEO of Resilience Energy said:

“Together Resilience Energy and Anodox will drive towards a future net zero world. The combination of Theo’s leadership, the go to market strategy, product innovation, and the strength in depth in the team makes doing business with Anodox easy”.

Theo Zannakis, founder and CEO of Anodox commented:

“The mutually beneficial partnership between Resilience Energy and Anodox is a vertical alliance that will see both firms exchange experience and relationships. Our common goal is to provide a new range of products and services empowering energy consumers. This will help accelerate product design and market entry outside our respective home territories”.