Digest: H1 2020

John Williams

05 Jul 2020

Not surprisingly, Tilix’s newsfeeds have been dominated by the impact of COVID-19 on decarbonisation and renewable energy.

However, Tilix has been able to buck the COVID-19 trend and report strong growth for Q1 and Q2 2020. In particular, we were delighted to support Enian’s $1.5M funding round and to cement a trio of major partnerships in the first half of 2020.

  • IASA Global enhances networking and learning opportunities for its members, such as Tilix. The association offers career guidance in combination with vendor and technology agnostic training and certification opportunities for over 60,000 architects, business analysts and IT executives around the world. As a member of IASA Global, Tilix can tap into resources that will help its clients address day-to-day challenges and keep them at the forefront of digital transformation.
  • UVDB accreditation allows Tilix to pre-qualify as an approved supplier to the utilities sector in the UK. The certification validates Tilix’s commitment to continually provide the highest quality of service to clients and indicates our compliance with key legislation, particularly in terms of safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) and corporate social responsibility.
  • As a new member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Tilix has introduced an important engine of growth for the next five years. Through this ecosystem, Tilix can now easily connect with the largest customer base and marketplaces in the IT industry.

Last but not least, gaining Cyber Essentials certification was a major milestone that emphasises Tilix’s commitment to ensuring that its digital marketing and innovation are secure.

Market insights

Flexible energy, mobility, decarbonisation and renewable energy are the key themes focused on by the industry media. The digest below gives a taste of the regular updates you can find on the Tilix LinkedIn page.

How Iceland is undoing carbon emissions for good

Carbon emissions are causing climate change – so rather than sending carbon dioxide into the sky, in Iceland, some are turning it into stone.

Plunging renewable energy prices mean the US can hit 90% clean electricity by 2035 – at no extra cost

Renewable energy has historically been considered too expensive and too unreliable to power our grid, but new research has overturned that trope for good. Plummeting wind, solar and storage prices have fallen so fast that the United States can reach 90% clean electricity by 2035 – without raising customer costs at all from today’s levels, and actually decreasing wholesale power costs by 10%.

UK’s largest solar project approved, will snub government subsidies

Cleve Hill, the UK’s largest-ever solar project, received its government planning approvals this week. The question is how the 350-megawatt development proceeds from here in a large-scale solar market that has all but died out.

Big data ‘could help drive better performance of wind energy assets’

Big data could help drive better performance of wind energy assets. That’s according to Greenbyte AB, which notes global wind energy production of more than 650GW is generating 400 billion data points annually. It says this big data could allow a better understanding of turbine performance, prompt cost-saving measures and help improve operation and maintenance of wind energy assets.

Climate math: What a 1.5-degree pathway would take

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is rightly focused on protecting lives and livelihoods. Can we simultaneously strive to avoid the next crisis? The answer is yes – if we make greater environmental resilience core to our planning for the recovery ahead, by focusing on the economic and employment opportunities associated with investing in both climate-resilient infrastructure and the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Why the electric vehicle wave is still coming

If you look at the 2020 annual estimates for global electric vehicle sales, it sure seems grim. Wood Mackenzie predicts that because of the pandemic and resulting economic disruption, sales of EVs around the world will drop by 43% this year. Automakers that sell vehicles to consumers tend to be hit hard by macroeconomic trends, and with a dramatic recession emerging, potential buyers are likely to buy fewer cars in general – let alone electric models that are newer to the market.

Utilities are the new cool

Mitigating global climate change? Electric utilities are the pivot. Adapting to a changing climate? Again, the pivot. Cleaning the air? Ditto. Electric cars, trucks, everything? Unlocking the economic, societal and environmental opportunities in that transition? Bingo: electric utilities. Maintaining resilience in the face of COVID-19? Yup. Sustainability, resilience, you name it: Thriving in the age of climate change pivots around electricity, and that means electric utilities are at the centre.

Sweden pilots next-generation electric road

In Sweden, a consortium of nine organisations has launched a pilot project to test and gain more knowledge about electric roads.

The consortium, Evolution Road, is using funds secured from the Swedish Transportation Administration to conduct a pilot in the city of Lund in southern Sweden.

Event calendar

Despite COVID-19, Tilix has participated in a number of events in the past six months. The highlights are summarised below.

Sustaintech Sweden was a capital market day focusing on sustainable solutions. It is a vibrant forum for investors who want to become involved in Swedish companies that are accelerating the energy transition and helping the world get to where it needs to be.

In March, Sweden Demo Day was organised by the Team of Startup Sweden, an accelerator programme for Swedish startups by the Swedish Government Agency Tillväxtverket. It was moved online at short notice but worked very well. The format is designed for startups, investors, corporates and the whole startup ecosystem to network. There were no speeches or panel discussions.

Tilix is delighted to have recently become a Microsoft Partner. Inspire is where Microsoft Partners from around the world unite to create connections, empower possibilities, build their businesses and celebrate success. In light of the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, the event was digital only in 2020. However, there were great opportunities to build relationships and learn about new innovation from Microsoft.

Innovation to watch

Startups and scaleups which make credible claims to being the next big thing regularly appear on the Tilix radar. They are not lab projects or skunk works. Rather they are businesses which could scale and are growing. They have sales/marketing momentum and are leveraging partnerships to design, build and operate their disruptive value propositions. The ones listed below are gaining attention from early stage business angels and venture capitalists.


Senapt is a software as a service startup which is delivering a paradigm shift in energy IT and is helping to facilitate an energy revolution. Its mission is twofold:

  • For suppliers: Senapt is building platforms that make it easy to sell advanced energy services and deliver the benefits to their customers.
  • For consumers: Senapt helps households understand their consumption, save money and make informed choices about the benefits of the energy revolution.

The top priority for Senapt is to get their service into the hands of the right people. Identifying early adopters and how to reach them is a huge obstacle that Senapt is determined to overcome.

Resilience Energy

The ongoing growth of renewable generation and the development of smart grid technologies are prompting a shift in the ancillary services market and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Resilience Energy is playing a part in this transformation by helping to turn homes, businesses and communities into power stations which deliver net zero energy bills and carbon-free buildings by combining solar panels and batteries with “microgrid flex services” which match local generation and consumption to suit the wider needs of national electricity systems.


Their vision is to harness the power of data to create a sustainable energy future. We want to unlock the latent value in the data and transform it into actionable insights for our customers. Our flagship product, WindMind, does exactly this by providing ultra-accurate wind power forecasts which enable wind power producers to lower imbalance costs and increase profitability of wind power in today’s competitive power market.

Champion Energy

Champion Energy™ is an independent electricity supplier whose mission is to use frugal innovation to serve small businesses with cost-effective solutions and customer experiences that surpass the current market.

Champion Energy™ specialises in connecting businesses with reliable and affordable energy supplies. We work with SMEs and help them make the right electricity purchasing decisions. If you want to switch suppliers, have moved into new premises or want a supply reconnected, Champion Energy™ will take care of the process from end to end.


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