Innovation Assists

Michael Maynard

14 May 2020

Tilix’s pro bono service helps enterprises develop and adopt sustainable products and processes.

The aim is to help businesses implement ideas, commercialise products and address the challenges faced in terms of funding, research, IP protection, market analysis, brokering partners and business architecture.

About the Assist

Tilix’s support can progress the commerciality of sustainable products or services which:

  • reduce energy consumption;
  • prevent or decrease greenhouse gas emissions;
  • improve air quality;
  • make other environmental improvements.

The goal is to facilitate greater innovation, research and development leading to the adoption of sustainable products, processes and services. Innovation Assist can also provide routes to partners, for example:

  • grant funding, equity investment or debt finance
  • links to supply chain, distributors, channel partners and research institutions

An Assist takes 3-6 weeks and passes through several stages. The initial goal is to observe. A Diagnostic Assessment looks at the current strategic and tactical state in order to orientate. Business Architecture Advice and a Recommendations Report provide options to decide on. Follow-up planning support frames how to act inside the tornado of change.


Observations are made through a Diagnostic Assessment which involves appraising the business and capturing opportunities. The first step is to create a rough environment map which outlines the following:

  • current and future market sectors
  • overall business plan
  • innovation strategy
  • position in the low carbon economy

Capturing opportunities is a brain-storming exercise that will produce a range of options around:

  • diversifying or developing the value proposition
  • introducing new capabilities or partners
  • creating collaboration links to funders or research institutions
  • addressing new markets


The most important stage of an Assist is orientation as it shapes our observations and helps establish a framework for decision-making and action.

In this stage, Tilix uses five perspectives (inspired by Strategyzer) to help navigate towards success. This typically means going from a business idea (new market, improving a business unit, new technology, etc.) to an ROI without spending too much time and money. This requires a value proposition with unique selling points, which is embedded in a business model that can scale and generate profits. The right timing and environment are key, with an aligned team for sound execution.


The third stage of an Assist is to detail the real options and decide on a course of action. It starts by Tilix providing tailored Business Architecture Advice that covers some or all of the following:

  • overview of the innovation ecosystem and low carbon economy
  • IP (patents, copyright, etc.)
  • market research
  • engaging with partners
  • obtaining investment and investors to be approached
  • supply chain, distributors, channel partners, etc.
  • bringing a product to market
  • trying out new capabilities

Where practicable, Tilix will facilitate initial contact with identified collaboration partners and/or specialists. Towards the end of this stage, we will provide a written report that forms the basis of a presentation of the results and opens the discussion around next steps. It will cover the following:

  • Diagnostic
  • Business Architecture Advice
  • Recommendations for next steps


In the final stage Tilix provides follow-up support to help implement suggested measures or to continue establishing partnerships. The approach will depend on the particular plan of action and the level of support required from Tilix going forward. Therefore, the work from Tilix in this stage could be to outline a plan for continued light-touch assistance or to shift gear into project implementation mode.

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