Tilix facilitates Champion Energy's entry into GB energy market

Michael Maynard

23 Apr 2020

Tilix has helped Champion Energy mobilise into the GB electricity supply market.

  • Persona: Frugal innovator
  • Size: Micro (<10 employees)
  • Situation: Startup
  • Hired Tilix for:
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Back-office operations
    • Integration with the Universal Supplier Service (USS) developed by Morrison Data Services and Utiliteam

About Champion Energy

Champion Energy is an independent electricity supplier that entered the market in 2020 with a mission to serve small businesses with cost-effective solutions and customer experiences that surpass the current market. The firm offers a complete package of transparent tariffs, accurate readings and practical payment options.

A key ingredient in its business model is to work closely with trusted partners in the UK energy industry including Tilix, Utiliteam and Morrison Data Services.

The challenge

2020 is a difficult time to be entering the GB electricity supply market, not least because COVID-19 has added to the increasing demands placed on new entrants by the regulator. However, fortune favours the brave and those with a good strategy. Champion Energy founder and Managing Director, Shahrukh Ali, knows there is no such thing as “we can do it all”. From the outset he sought out supply chain partners that could help his team soar based on its strengths. As well as electricity industry expertise, he looks for partners that:

  • develop a strategic viewpoint including advisory on marketing and innovation, particularly around changes in the economic, commercial and regulatory environment;
  • make architectural contributions to the building of an effective organisation that is fit for purpose in the present and geared for success in the future;
  • have effective governance to ensure that the firm operates in a legal and ethical manner while meeting business objectives;
  • maintain strong relationships with Ofgem and other industry bodies on compliance and policy development;
  • foster constructive challenge and have the gravitas to call on advisers who will say “no” when necessary.

Tilix was up for this challenge and is proud to have delivered a robust and scalable enterprise architecture for Champion Energy.

Tilix’s approach

Tilix worked as an enterprise architect and partnership broker to help Champion Energy push forward with its plans. In summary, the solution mobilised covers the following:

  • The core Champion Energy team provides the “front-office” operations.
  • Tilix provides the “back-office” operations, digital engineering and the customer relationship management (CRM) platform.
  • The USS provides the messaging conduit to the electricity industry coupled with advisory services around regulation and industry codes.
  • Tilix provides bespoke software to integrate systems of record across electricity industry operations, CRM and accounting.


The USS developed by Utiliteam and Morrison Data Services is a perfect fit for Champion Energy. Speaking of these partners, Shahrukh Ali said:

“It was clear from the start that the USS had the right people and processes to support the mobilisation of Champion Energy into the SME electricity supply market. As expected, their depth of industry knowledge and skills were first class. More importantly, their ability to flex to Champion’s unique requirements and the challenging market conditions around COVID-19 highlights their professionalism.”

Gaining entry into GB utility markets is Utiliteam’s speciality and an area where the firm is the UK market leader. Utiliteam has worked in close collaboration with Morrison Data Services over several years to develop the USS. This provided the foundation which helped Champion Energy achieve a low cost and high quality entry into the competitive GB electricity supply market. In particular, Utiliteam provided an MRA/BSC pre-qualified “off-the-shelf” company which is now operating via the USS and other elements of the Champion Energy enterprise architecture.

Speaking of the Tilix enterprise architecture, Shahrukh Ali said:

Tilix has helped Champion Energy move quickly and is supporting us to deliver value to our customers. They systematically make change efforts around people, processes and technology more effective. We are delighted to be using Tilix innovations to develop our capabilities and deliver a more effective business.

About Tilix

Tilix is a management consultancy serving energy, cleantech and mobility clients in the UK and the Nordics. Tilix particularly enjoys helping energy supply businesses. Our commercial and technical expertise spanning all the critical processes including buying, selling, moving, metering and managing energy is valuable at strategic, tactical and operational levels.