Tilix joins Achilles Utilities Vendor Database

Michael Maynard

05 Mar 2020

Tilix is proud to become an Achilles UVDB Member following accreditation of its Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) capabilities.

Membership allows Tilix to pre-qualify as an approved supplier to the utilities sector. The Achilles UVDB pre-qualification system makes it easier for companies in the utilities sector to manage their supply chain risks and to comply with procurement regulations.

The certification validates Tilix’s commitment to continually provide the highest quality of service to clients and indicates the firm’s compliance with key legislation, particularly in terms of SHEQ and corporate social responsibility.

About UVDB

Achilles UVDB is a systematic supplier pre-qualification network that helps utility companies in the UK to manage risk and comply with EU regulations. It is operated as a “Qualification System” under Article 77 of EU Utilities Directive 2014/25/EU. Moreover, it allows suppliers to promote their product and service offering to 65 buyers including National Grid, SSE, UK Power Networks, Thames Water and United Utilities.

  • Industry: Utilities
  • Buyers: 65
  • Region: UK
  • Qualified Suppliers: 7,100

Tilix has been granted UVDB Qualified status. This demonstrates our compliance to SHEQ requirements based on industry-specific assessments and also reflects our ongoing commitment to both robust management systems and the highest operational standards.

Achilles enables communities of buyers and suppliers to build better business relationships through a more open, trusting and proactive approach.

Key features

  • Enhanced profiling: Allow buyers to apply their internal benchmarking standards to the Tilix profile, giving them an easier way to gauge suitability.
  • Insights report: Regular updates that allow Tilix to benchmark performance against peers and identify business improvements.
  • Relevant audit protocols: Industry-specific protocols backed by comprehensive reporting and expert advice on improvement plans.

Technical info

Achilles has developed a detailed product and coding system that works alongside the European CPV codes and allows suppliers to register in order to be considered for certain types of contracts.

Where a utility is covered by the EU Utilities Directive, UVDB can be used to ensure compliance with the process of compiling a tender list from a list of pre-qualified suppliers. Selecting suppliers from a qualification system is permitted under the Directive for the restricted, negotiated, competitive dialogue and innovation partnerships procedures.

The bottom line

This certification demonstrates Tilix’s SHEQ capabilities and highlights our clear understanding of the sector’s requirements. It provides Tilix with the following benefits:

  • Directly showcases our capability profile and suitability for major contracts to 80 sector organisations and over 3,000 buyers.
  • Saves time and money in repetitive pre-qualification.
  • Helps us to win new and existing business through a fair, open and transparent selection process.
  • Generates competitive presence and awareness.

Being UVDB qualified puts Tilix on a par with leading companies in the UK and indicates our proven capability to provide services to the utilities sector. All our clients can rest assured that we comply with all legislation, thereby safeguarding their businesses.