Resilience Energy chooses Tilix

John Williams

25 Feb 2020

Tilix is excited to be delivering tactical and strategic advice to Resilience Energy.

Sector: Renewables

Areas of focus: Solar plus batteries

Size: Micro (<10 employees)

Situation: Startup

Hired Tilix for:

  • Data science
  • Partnership brokering

The Opportunity

In an electric grid, ancillary services are speciality services and functions (going beyond generation and transmission) that facilitate and support the continuous flow of electricity so that supply will continually meet demand. Thanks to deregulation and technological advances, a market has blossomed for independent service providers that deliver frequency control, spinning reserves and operating reserves.

The ongoing growth of renewable generation and the development of smart grid technologies are prompting a shift in the ancillary services market and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

At the same time, there will be a 40% increase in UK electricity demand by 2030. To meet net zero carbon targets massive structural change is needed. Renewable energy generation will be increasingly important.

Resilience Energy is playing a part in this transformation by helping to turn homes, businesses and communities into power stations which deliver net zero energy bills and carbon-free buildings by combining solar panels and batteries with “microgrid flex services” which match local generation and consumption to suit the wider needs of national electricity systems.

The Challenge

Widespread adoption of batteries, EVs, heat pumps, etc. – coupled with proprietary software – will empower Resilience Energy to enable and monetise the flexibility of assets in ways which incumbents cannot.

The incumbents, which are known as “aggregators”, have the luxury of large industrial customers. They also have high expectations of yearly sales. Resilience Energy is addressing a niche away from the incumbent customer and has more time to focus and innovate on this smaller venture.

By the time the new market segment becomes interesting to the incumbent aggregators, it will be too late for them to react and keep up with Resilience Energy’s rate of improvement.

In 2020, Resilience Energy has gone to market with two value propositions:

  1. READY: A software-as-a-service platform which turns household, community and small business energy systems into virtual power plants.
  2. PROJECTS: Turnkey virtual power plants including design, installation and ongoing operation and maintenance services through the software-as-a-service platform.

Tilix Approach

Flexibility to adjust to the emerging needs of a fast-moving startup is key to the Tilix approach to its engagement with Resilience Energy. Having informally advised the founder over the past couple of years, Tilix has started the assignment with a solid understanding of stakeholder needs throughout the whole enterprise. The firm is perfectly placed to:

  1. provide an external meta-perspective to inform the short, mid and long-term direction of the company;
  2. interact with current and potential future investors and facilitate introductions and meetings;
  3. bring deals into the business development pipeline.

Most importantly, thanks to its depth of experience in data science, Tilix has what it takes to get Resilience Energy’s numerical models to the next level. In this area, mission critical advice and software will be delivered with the care, skill and ability expected of experts in this field.


Well known in the energy industry for helping startups reach their potential, Tilix is providing value to Resilience Energy in several areas. It is a T-shaped approach: their innovation and marketing expertise covers the breadth of the business and their data science is getting into the nuts and bolts of our mission critical numerical modelling. Loic Hares, Resilience Energy CEO

The T-shaped value delivered by Tilix brings the benefits of diverse experience, interdisciplinary thinking and commercial acumen to Resilience Energy. As the complexity in the electricity grid increases, the key benefits of the engineering breakthroughs will come from weaving technology into innovative market performance. That is products and services that bring value to households, communities and businesses. By acquiring broad knowledge and diverse skills from Tilix, Resilience Energy is augmenting its team and building the capability to solve an array of problems fast. These benefits are manifesting themselves across the whole enterprise.

About Tilix

Day to day, Tilix works with the ideas, innovation and technology that will solve global energy problems and create opportunities to make life better for everyone.

Tilix works with a range of clients from startups to large corporations. The firm is committed to creating a positive social impact through angel investing, pro bono projects and putting high quality content on critical issues into the “creative commons”.