Event Journal: Sustaintech Sweden

John Williams

09 Feb 2020

Date: Thursday 7th February 2020

Venue: Clarion Sign, Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day (SSVD) is a capital market day focusing on sustainable solutions. SSVD is a vibrant forum for investors who want to become involved in Swedish companies that are accelerating the energy transition and helping the world get to where it needs to be.

In 2020 SSVD gave investors, business angels, venture capitalists and mutual funds, and industry companies a valuable opportunity to listen to presentations and meet over 30 of the most interesting companies in the fast-growing sustaintech sector.

A royal seal of approval

The event attracted over 400 participants, mostly investors. It was inaugurated by HRH Prince Daniel. During his opening speech, Prince Daniel said:

No matter what business you are in, no matter how brilliant your ideas are: if you want to grow – if you want to reach those first 50 million users fast – you will probably need capital and you will definitely need people who believe in you. HRH Prince Daniel

The Prince spoke with a number of companies, including smart materials, recycling and renewable energy. His insights were appreciated by attendees and organisers alike.

It is a great asset for Sweden to have a prince with real life experience as an entrepreneur. It was a fantastic speech by HRH Prince Daniel at SSVD. Boel Rydenå-Swartling, Organiser/Investor

Prince Daniel’s Fellowship is an initiative run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in collaboration with Prince Daniel, who is committed to inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs and supporting ambitious young entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.


There were a number of keynotes at the opening and closing plenary sessions. Two in particular put wind into tilix.energy’s sails.

Marzia Zafar from The World Energy Council gave an overview of the global energy transition 2020-2030 including key facts and figures. The main themes were:

  • Public acceptability and customer engagement
  • Investment in enabling all types of clean energy technologies
  • Repurposing fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Energy storage beyond lithium-ion batteries
  • Clean Hydrogen
  • Carbon Capture & Storage

Cleantech Group CEO, Richard Youngman, discussed venture capital investments in European sustaintech and key industry mega trends to watch. It was great to see our friends at Minibems, who recently secured investment from SET Ventures and Ascension Ventures, being lauded as a major deal in the sustaintech space.

An event where matchmaking happens

The startups that attended SSVD are giving their all to achieve profitable impact. They are tackling pressing global challenges with creative pragmatism and dedication. Together, they form a roadmap to a more sustainable future.

The strong sector growth and matured markets for sustainable business solutions, combined with the scaled company selection, provide good investment opportunities for a range of investors from business angels and family offices to corporate investors, larger sustainability funds and venture capital companies.

At SSVD more than 30 companies presented their investment cases. Some of the ones to watch are introduced below.


BL!XT has developed the first residential solid state circuit breaker. Its patent portfolio also includes solid state technologies for current limiters and power inverters.

Backed by the Swedish Energy Agency and lead investor Baywa r.e. Energy Ventures Gmbh, the company has raised more than €2m since startup.

Our mission is to Empower the Electric Evolution. Our technology provides behind the meter control. It will increase the efficiency of DERs and storage solutions. Charlotta Holmquist, Co-founder and Executive Chairwoman of BL!XT


Bright offers a digital platform for the utilities/energy market. Its solution enables a whole new customer journey and all the services offered by utility companies gathered in one app. Its rich feature set includes smart electricity priced hourly combined with smart services to move consumption of energy to green hours.

CorPower Ocean

CorPower are experts in wave energy farm systems. The firm brings a new type of compact Wave Energy Converter to market. The concept includes unique mechanical design, inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart. The result is high power output compared with competing technology with the same physical size and weight.


Sensative offers a platform and sensors for smart buildings. This is a rapidly-growing innovation company offering practical IoT solutions. Its ultra-thin Strips sensor enables invisible mounting on windows and doors, up to 10-year carefree operation and instant integration with home security systems.

Its open, secure connectivity platform and marketplace for property services, called Yggio, enables multipoint-to-multipoint communications and true hardware and software interoperability.


Enjay specialises in energy recovery restaurant ventilation. The company’s first solution, Lepido, is the first in the world to offer profitable energy recovery from restaurant ventilation. The innovation will make it possible to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 500 million tonnes, one entire per cent of the projected worldwide CO2 emissions by 2050.


Ngenic delivers energy system digitalisation. It has created a platform for the smart home with digitalised energy services for both consumers and energy companies. Its product, Ngenic Tune, is a self-learning system that takes into account your house’s unique properties and a number of parameters (e.g. indoor and outdoor temperature, solar radiation, heating system heat dynamics) to give you an as even as possible indoor temperature.