Tilix joins IASA Global

John Williams

06 Jan 2020

IASA Global is committed to enhancing networking and learning opportunities for all of its members. The association offers career guidance in combination with vendor and technology agnostic training and certification opportunities for over 60,000 architects, business analysts and IT executives around the world.

The overall vision for IASA is to enable members to gain from the strength and power of the network. Paul Preiss, IASA Global Founder

As a member of IASA Global, tilix.energy can tap into resources that will help its clients address day-to-day challenges and keep them at the forefront of digital transformation.

The IASA Global association works to promote knowledge sharing and contribute to the success of the worldwide architect community with a focus on:

  • Local Chapters: communities of architects who meet and discuss the latest thinking. IASA has active chapters around the world which support local forums, by architects and for architects, that encourage professional development and enable architects to perform at the highest levels.
  • ITABoK: the Information Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) is a free (forever) public archive of IT architecture best practices, skills and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of IASA Global.
  • Events: at IASA Global events, architects gain insights that help them lead digital transformation. These include spotting trends, getting a future view of innovation and getting up to speed with rapidly evolving technologies.

It is wonderful to have tilix.energy join IASA Global. Tilix provides the community with valuable insights into energy, cleantech and ACES mobility. Paul Preiss, IASA Global Founder

tilix.energy plays an active role in the cleantech, ACES mobility and energy revolutions. The firm’s expertise in business architecture, digital engineering, research, innovation and collaboration is valued by start-ups, SMEs and large organisations. tilix.energy is a value-added member of IASA Global and is working closely with other members on the following goals:

  • preparing energy, cleantech and ACES mobility specific content for IASA Global;
  • promoting IASA Global to tilix.energy’s clients and associates.

This partnership is about creative collaboration and the increased potential for exciting international opportunities in digital transformation. Dr Neil Williams, CEO, tilix.energy

Contact Paul Preiss at IASA Global to find out more about the features, advantages and benefits of membership.