Duni turbocharges innovation

Neil Williams

03 Sep 2019

  • Client: Duni AB
  • Sector: Paper products
  • Persona: Major user of energy
  • Size: Corporate (>2,000 employees)
  • Situation: Sustaining success
  • Hired Tilix for: Innovation Management

Duni AB is a multinational paper products company and a major user of energy. The firm is a leading supplier of attractive and convenient products for table setting and take-away.

The Duni brand name is sold in more than 40 markets and is the market leader in Central and Northern Europe. Duni has around 2,300 employees in 23 countries, with headquarters in Malmö and production units in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Thailand and New Zealand. Duni is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker name “DUNI”.

Duni applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, is FSC certified and is fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Duni has built a track record of success over several decades. Its strong position has been achieved through a combination of high-quality products, a well-reputed brand, established customer relations and strong local presence in most European markets.

Johan Sundelin assumed the role of CEO at Duni in Q4 2017, replacing Thomas Gustafsson, who had five successful years at Duni.

Johan has extensive and substantial experience from fast-moving consumer goods, and had previously held leading positions at Santa Maria (Paulig Group), Orkla and Unilever.

Under Johan’s direction, Duni is investing in medium-term initiatives to sustain success and adapt to a rapidly changing market.

The challenge

Johan Sundelin’s appointment coincided with the start of the most substantial transformation the paper and forest products industry has seen in many decades. Duni sees opportunity in these potentially existential challenges from technology, demographic changes and the environment.

Duni’s proactive response is evidenced by its acquisition of Biopak and appointment of Johan Mårtensson as Business & Innovation Manager.

The challenges presented to Tilix were:

  • map out the next waves of innovation, in energy and the environment, at the paper mill;
  • increase synergies between Duni’s two innovation roadmaps: sourcing and acquiring.

The solution

First, there was a process of orientation where a diagnostic assessment was made. This involved carrying out several structured interviews to elicit the current strategic and tactical state across the whole enterprise.

Specialist advice was delivered in two areas to directly address the challenges presented.

Initially, Tilix provided outline business cases for deploying environmental innovations in energy storage, carbon trading and water management at Duni’s paper mill in Skåpafors, Sweden.

Finally, to increase synergies between Duni’s two innovation roadmaps Tilix introduced a portfolio management framework that improves optics across all dimensions of Duni’s incubation, transformation, performance and productivity zones.

The results

In helping to sustain success at Duni, Tilix has introduced novel ideas in both evolutionary and disruptive innovation contexts. Tilix’s advice has been a catalyst for turning strategy into action.

“Duni uses both boutique and internationally renowned consulting firms. The quality of the work from Tilix was of the highest standard and delivered superb value for money.” Magnus Carlsson, Director of Corporate Development

About Tilix

Tilix provides a range of packaged services including consultancy, interim management, projects and outsourcing. Firms looking for the next wave of innovation turn to Tilix to help generate ideas, find the most promising options and create tangible results.

Tilix leaned heavily on Geoffrey Moore’s ideas and frameworks (e.g. Zone to Win, Escape Velocity) in the second part of this assignment.