Senapt passes a tipping point with Tilix

Neil Williams

14 Jul 2019

  • Client: Senapt
  • Sector: GB Electricity & Gas Supply
  • Persona: Software vendor
  • Size: SME (<10 employees)
  • Situation: Startup
  • Hired Tilix for:
    • Digital engineering
    • Business architecture

Senapt is a software as a service startup which is delivering a paradigm shift in energy IT and is helping to facilitate an energy revolution. It mission is twofold:

  • For suppliers: Senapt is building platforms that make it easy to sell advanced energy services and to deliver the benefits to their customers.
  • For consumers: Senapt helps households understand their consumption, save money and make informed choices on the benefits of the energy revolution.


Senapt had built a minimal viable product, raised some money, hired a team and incorporated a business. However, the product assumptions had not been validated in the market. The risk, as with any startup, was having made a start based on bad assumptions.

The top priority for Senapt is to get their service into the hands of the right people. Identifying early adopters and how to reach them is a huge obstacle that Senapt is determined to overcome.

The firm’s success hinges on finding the right product-market fit before running out of cash. Senapt leadership knows that the keys to success are:

  • Forget about vanity metrics
  • Think small and resist overselling
  • Keep the burn low
  • Aim for five passionate customers


With the challenge clear, the starting point for was to lead the development of the value proposition. The approach was to leverage a library of tools, case studies and templates to help Senapt clearly understand its target customers, design better features and grow a client base.

With a value proposition in hand, the next steps were to architect a range of digital properties including a website, CRM and pitch deck.

With its go to market message ready and with support from, Senapt won their first customer: Logicor Energy.

The IT requirements at Logicor Energy were vastly different than in most other supply businesses because its focus is smart buildings rather than suppling kilowatt hours. Furthermore, the target size of the customer base is relatively small, so the IT used in standard utility businesses was not a good fit.

Given Logicor’s novel and constantly changing customer value proposition, Senapt’s flexibility proved more important than having a broad range of features.

Senapt’s technology coupled with systems integration from has helped Logicor create a business environment where ideas flow into solutions seamlessly. David Bowen, Logicor CEO.


The theme for services provided by was marketing in its broadest sense. This included grand strategy, positioning and execution too. Of particular value was the support in developing a coherent brand identity and the online communication channels.

Through, Senapt has clarified its understanding of its current value indicators and has a method for mapping the value proposition into the future. The holistic view of these elements illuminated by was so important.

Being clear to potential customers about the exact value proposition is so vital. The value has brought Senapt goes deeper than the digital properties they helped us create. They have ensured that we have the right positioning. Without their deep domain expertise, it would have taken us much longer to fine tune our message to challenger energy brands. Farouk Alhassan, Founder & CEO, Senapt

About Tilix

Tilix is a boutique management consultancy which supports the digital transformation of the energy sector through delivering a range of marketing and innovation services.

Tilix has a deep understanding of energy supply information technology and can help all stakeholders on their journey to success.

Tilix experience spans from business case to operational support across technologies including market messaging, billing, meter management, tariff design and forecasting. We offer architectural, project management, business analysis, development, testing and operational services.

Tilix expertise includes working with end users, technology vendors and systems integrators.