Event Journal: Future of Mobility

John Williams

06 Jun 2019

The Future of Mobility day in Lund on 24 May was organised by Ideon Science Park in cooperation with Innovation Skåne and Mobile Heights.

The hosts – Joakim Nelson, Mia Rolf and Ola Svedin – welcomed 200 attendees and speakers including OEMs, mobility service providers and consultants. Speakers highlighted their vision of future mobility. The key areas of focus were:

  • Global, regional and local urbanisation and mobility trends
  • Connectivity, AI & 5G
  • Infrastructure & electricity for future mobility
  • Sustainability: air quality and climate change

Future mobility services was the agenda topic for Christer Ljungberg (Trivector), Maria Schnurr (RISE), Mårten Rignell (Skånetrafiken), Niklas Joenson (Lime) and Thomas Droben (OurGreenCar).

We have to build our society to reduce the need for transportation. No convenience services like Uber and Lyft are increasing the city traffic instead of previous projections of reducing traffic. - Christer Ljungberg, CEO at Trivector

Connectivity, AI and 5G were addressed in a session of talks from Kjell Gustafsson (Ericsson), Lijo George (Sony), Martin Börjesson (2021.AI) and Marcus Rothoff (Volvo Cars). Here the speakers explored the benefits and challenges of the next wave of digital technology.

Intelligence is about being able to do complex tasks. Evolution escalated once organisms got eyes. This is where we are today with AI. - Lijo George Business Lead, AI Solutions at Sony

Urbanisation and mobility trends was on the agenda for Sophie Stigliano (Urban-Standards), Dr Louise Eklund (Region Skåne) and Per Persson (City of Lund).

It is important for Lund to work with academia and companies collaboratively and use the city as a test platform for good solutions. We want to work with the best people in the world. - Per Persson, City of Lund

Electricity for future mobility was the topic for the final session. Britt Karlsson Green (Region Skåne), Per Löfberg (Innovation Skåne), Kristian Henningsen (Vestas) and Bo Lincoln (Iternio) addressed the pressing question: Are we heading for a meltdown of the electricity grid? Thankfully, the doomsday scenarios can be avoided with good planning, efficient transportation and prudent investment in key infrastructure.

Skåne offers a world-class quality of life. This year 100% of public transportation is now fossil free…Skåne is a border region belonging to the String network, reaching from Oslo to Hamburg. This is an integrated cross-border region working together driving change in sustainability…Skåne leads innovation in our three focus areas, smart sustainable cities, personal health and smart materials. - Louise Eklund, Region Skåne

Exhibitions during the day

  • Volvo Cars, XC90 Autonomous Drive car from the Drive Me project.
  • Lime scooter race where attendees were given the opportunity to try out the Lime scooters.
  • Lund Formula Student Race let delegates get up close to the racing car for the 2019 season.
  • Eways charging stations.

Key takeaways

Experts from the industry highlighted the latest technologies and discussed how the e-mobility sector is rapidly becoming more interconnected and autonomous.

The seminar covered the key viewpoints in mobility and helped me expand my mind map on the topic. I am sure it will lead to actions and decisions for stakeholders across the Skåne region. For some this could be updates to risk registers and mitigation plans. For others it will be creating or refining vision or strategy. Neil Williams, tilix.energy