Tilix Joins Smarter Mobility

John Williams

16 Mar 2019

Smarter Mobility

Smarter Mobility, a leading industry hub for accelerating business in autonomous driving, transportation and e-mobility has welcomed Tilix Smart Energy as a new member and strategic partner.

The overall vision for Smarter Mobility is to enable members to gain from the strength and power of the network. Conny Hertzberg, Smarter Mobility Co-founder

Smarter Mobility offers its members access to industry expertise, skills and resources, both nationally and internationally. Based in Lund, Sweden, Smarter Mobility is a non-profit knowledge resource hub and expert advisory on transportation, mobility, automotive and e-mobility with a focus on:

  • offering services to help member companies collaborate and grow;
  • providing easy access to leading industry experts, research, resources, and skills;
  • driving the ACES mobility industry forward by identifying new initiatives regionally and internationally;
  • interfacing with other Europe-wide automotive and e-mobility clusters;
  • maintaining the Skåne regions position as a hotspot for ACES mobility.

It is wonderful to have Tilix join Smarter Mobility. Tilix provides the ACES mobility industry with valuable consulting and systems integration expertise. It is also highly commendable that Tilix provides business angel support to start-ups in this space. Mats Linblad, CEO, Smarter Mobility.

Tilix Smart Energy plays an active role in the emerging ACES mobility industry. The firm’s expertise in business architecture, digital engineering, research, innovation and collaboration is valued by start-ups, SMEs and large organisations. Tilix is a value-added member of Smarter Mobility and is working closely with the founders on the following goals:

  • taking smartermobility.org to the next level;
  • preparing a consortium bid for a pan-European autonomous vehicle project;
  • promoting Smarter Mobility to Tilix’s clients and associates with an interest in ACES mobility and at events (e.g. expos and summits in Malta, Oslo, Gothenburg, London, etc).

This partnership is about creative collaboration and the increased potential for exciting international opportunities. in the rapidly growing ACES mobility market. Dr Neil Williams, CEO, Tilix Smart Energy

Contact Conny or Mats at Smarter Mobility to find out more about the features, advantages and benefits of membership.