The power of collaboration

Neil Williams

13 Feb 2019

Photo: Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Tilix has been running workshops around the ideas, innovation and technology that will help solve global energy problems and create opportunities to make life better for everyone. In the past 18 months, we have hosted or co-hosted:

  • several sessions on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy by Design;
  • a seminar exploring blockchain’s role in the electrification of everything;
  • an innovation forum looking at the fast growing Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) mobility market.

These events disseminate Tilix’s expertise across the whole energy value chain and are helping to grow collaboration within and across industries.

Moving forwards

Building on the success of past events, Tilix is now in the process of establishing a handful of Collaboration Hubs. This is instead of throwing one-off events because we want to grow enduring communities of interest.

Therefore, Tilix is planning a series of workshops that will be accompanied by online elements promoting teamwork, ideation and getting things done both before and after each physical gathering. In other words, we will be mixing face-to-face seminars with online co-working.

Our first hub will be ACES Nordics, which is aimed at the mobility industry in the Nordic and Baltic regions. This will be followed by two other hubs: one for utility businesses and the other for sustainability professionals.

Digital collaboration

Governments use digital methods to run open consultations with communities because it’s both scalable and secure. Working with similar platforms, our collaboration hub communities will have access to group workspaces for brainstorming, idea development and discussions. Through our expertise in digital engineering, Tilix can help create communities of interest that get results.

The digital dimension means that participants can come from different base locations. Plus activities can be organised flexibly around the demanding schedules of the stakeholders.

The format is flexible, so any kind of process can be run with as many participants as required. Whether it’s with large groups (40-70 people) or small circles (5-12 people).

Through a digital approach, we believe that increased cross-sector and cross-functional participation is possible. As well as hybrid physical/digital communities, it will be possible to create pure-online hubs that can involve more people than can fit in one space.

ACES Nordics

ACES Nordics is a community of interest aimed at driving cross-industry collaboration in the area of Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared mobility.

This new community is being created based on lessons learned at an event held at IdeaLondon in November 2018. This was a joint venture (JV) between NovAzure, !nnov8 and Tilix with sponsorship from Shell, EDF Blue Lab and Cisco.

The kick-off event will be held in Lund, Sweden, and will be a JV with SmarterMobility and NovAzure. The sponsors, dates and venue will be announced soon. Participants will be able to meet and exchange ideas with fellow mobility experts from large corporations, SMEs, startups, academia as well as the civil service.

Possible success scenarios

As well as forming a broadly based core group of participants, the aim is to create circles with special and shared interests. For example, the Collaboration Hub could facilitate:

  • OEM alliances that may bring together small, independent electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers to create economies of scale in areas such as purchasing and innovation;
  • advisory boards for post accelerator startups in the e-mobility space.

Swedish EV manufacturer Ecoist is excited about both of these possibilities:

Using the Collaboration Hub tools and techniques, Ecoist will be able to bring a small group of experts together into a Virtual Advisory Panel. This will help us elicit the wisdom of our tribe, to better develop new ideas and successfully create new customers. Thomas Koch, Ecoist Founder.

Key benefits for members

The primary goal of a Collaboration Hub is that participants can use the network to gain new insights and perspectives. The pre- and post-event online elements will enable participants to quickly share and validate their ideas with fellow collaborators no matter where they are. These elements would be set up so that interested parties can easily coordinate conference calls or webinars to develop further partnerships and research.

Based on Tilix’s experience in hosting similar events, the Collaboration Hubs will help corporates (e.g. Shell, EDF, National Grid) and startups (Pivot Power, Uniti and Ecoist) have intense conversations and form partnerships.

The ACES Accelerator Workshop was an awesome networking event and gave a comprehensive overview of the market from every angle. I look forward to future events where we can drill down into the details of EV charging business models. Matt Allen, Founder & CEO, Pivot Power.