EVEC Chooses Tilix

Neil Williams

28 Sep 2018

EVEC - Electric Vehicle Engineering & Conversions

EVEC, a Swedish automotive engineer specialising in electric vehicles chose Tilix to transform its digital business systems. The solution includes a new mobile friendly website coupled with Forestry CMS, Hubspot CRM and MailChimp campaign management.

We chose Tilix because we want our customers to have engaging digital experiences with EVEC. Not only will our new business systems showcase our work, it will enable the EVEC team to better manage customer relationships and increase marketing ROI.” - Martin Söderlind, Founder of EVEC

EVEC’s Challenge

The firm has had a website for some time. However, this was not much more than a glorified business card. For 2019 the plan is to extend EVEC’s digital marketing to also include social media, online advertising, email advertising, SEO and more.

This is an area of expertise that is outside of EVEC’s core competency and which makes perfect sense to outsource.

The Tilix Solution

Tilix provides EVEC with a complete digital marketing system that provides strategy, tactics, content management, data driven customer insights, alerts on customer engagement and the ability to manage marketing activities.

A core element of the new digital marketing system is the intelligent prospecting mechanism, a proprietary process that forecasts the propensity for customers to engage with different messages and to provide EVEC with alerts on how best to respond to inbound leads.


A primary objective of EVEC’s digital marketing is to drive internet traffic to the website. Well organised, credible and desirable content is necessary but not sufficient. The website should also work well on a range of screens from large desktops and small mobile devices.

EVEC will be empowered to manage their content using the Forestry CMS. Forestry is particularly well suited to small businesses and has a much lower total cost of ownership than Wordpress or Drupal.

Careful attention will be paid to the user experience on mobile devices. This will ensure that the significant levels of traffic that comes from mobile devices is served well and that the site can be managed whilst on the move.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google has recognised that people are changing the way they use their search tool and has added answers box to the mix. Therefore, Tilix is helping EVEC collect and organise the common questions they get from their audience, e.g:

What models and types of classic cars are best for converting electric? What are the biggest challenges for a niche OEM to enter the EV market? What does the future look like for electric cars?

Moving forwards, the EVEC website will provide rich answers so that when people asks their search engine these and other questions, EVEC will appear high in the rankings.

Wise Social Media

Tilix will ensure that EVEC share information that is pertinent and will not overload its loyal followers. After all social media is not an advertising wall and EVEC is not a supermarket.

Aim then fire rather than fire then aim is the key to helping EVEC get better results from social channels. This starts with smart segmentation that includes desk research, surveys and customer profile cards.

Tilix uses tools like Statista to give a better understanding of where the target audience spends its time on social media, which channels are best for EVEC and what posting plan will work best.

Targeted Email Marketing

Social media channels will show posts and updates to a fraction of followers and give limited insights. For deeper penetration and detailed analytics you have to pay.

However, a small business that maintains a high quality email list can send news, event information and special offers for zero to little cost. Therefore, Tilix will help EVEC leverage the Mailchimp marketing platform to build and maintain a vibrant email list.

Contact Relationship Management

EVEC will leverage Hubspot CRM to manage the audiences it maintains across different channels. Built to complement the approach implemented by Tilix for EVEC, HubSpot is an easy-to-use tool that will helps solve the business challenges of attracting, converting, closing and delighting customers.

Hubspot Funnel


  • Increased findability of EVEC’s website.
  • NPS for supercar OEMs and EV enthusiasts proving credibility and value.
  • Reduced time for EVEC team spent on fatigue duties.


By the end of Q1 2019, EVEC will have a mobile optimised website that is easy to navigate, has fresh content and contact information. It will play a vital role in creating an engaged audience which has been earned from traffic that was driven to the site through social media, email marketing and SEO.