Event Journal: Blockchain & Smart Grid

Christopher Gruen

14 Aug 2018

This is a remix of an article which first appeared on Novazure.com. Please visit the original post to access many more PR photos from the event.

Tilix Smart Energy & NovAzure Consulting were delighted to gather many industry players at our event on Smart Energy and Digital Innovation with a focus on demystifying blockchain.

Innovation was in the Air

Holding the event at IdeaLondon – a magic place where innovation happens – gave the right atmosphere throughout the event for showcase startups, investors, service providers and energy incumbents from the oil & gas as well as electricity sector to share their input and thoughts in several panel discussions and during plenty of networking opportunities throughout the day.

I had a productive time sharing my nascent ideas with real experts. That allowed me to quickly work out what was viable and worth further investigation. I have made some great connections and would like to have more time with this crowd. Chris Stuart-Bennett, Board Member, Low Carbon Gordano

De-mystifying Blockchain

At the heart of the event, attendees had the opportunity to break into subgroups to discuss a range of different topics: such as the different use cases of the technology in the energy sector, considering risks and opportunities about initial coin offerings as an alternative to traditional funding instruments and how blockchain platforms might affect energy incumbents.

The event had excellent organisation and was very helpful. There was a positive can-do attitude from everyone without any “I know it all” arrogance from any of the speakers. The overview of blockchain and the expert reflections on managing innovation were particularly informative. Gregor Hoefter, Founder & CEO, Grid Duck

The Human Element

As well as technology, the impact of inventing, deploying and optimising innovation with a focus on customer experience  and challenges on customer operations was covered and discussed in sub-groups.

Useful networking and a chance to speak directly to those who are practically engaged in developing smart energy solutions. Getting their perspective on developments in the energy market was invaluable. Senior Civil Servant


We are delighted that our host IdeaLondon provided such excellent facilities. The support in event preparation and on the day from our sponsors was vitally important. They were EDF Energy Blue Labs, UCL, Cisco, BakerBotts, Electron, Mando, DDC, Generis, EnergyPR, Impact4all and Landis+Gyr.

Last but not least we are grateful to all the delegates from Shell, National Grid, Ofgem, AMT Sybex, Gemserv et al who made the day fun and interactive.

NovAzure and Tilix Smart Energy work in close cooperation on a number of initiatives. NovAzure help Energy & Mobility players leverage digital disruption & innovation to protect their market shares and unlock new business potential across the Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) market transformation.