Entering the Energy Supply Market

Holly Suttle

14 Oct 2017

Tilix are pleased to publish their whitepaper Entering the Energy Supply Market.

Joining the Energy Supply Market isn’t for the faint-hearted, but if you are up to the task and planning a new business, or perhaps starting out on implementing systems for a new electricity or gas supply company, this whitepaper is for you.

Tilix have developed a viewpoint over several years based on experience of consulting work and interim assignments, manifesting an understanding of the supply chain and market from a number of perspectives, including Ovo, Good Energy, Our Power, OneSelect, Smart DCC and Ofgem.

This whitepaper therefore describes an arc of execution model for new entrants into the Energy Supply Market in Great Britain and gives a high level view which outlines the first few years of methods utilised and what steps need to be taken for a new electricity and gas supply company. Familiarity with the energy market is assumed, so the whitepaper is light on definition of terms. With a focus on how, the whitepaper touches on the motivations for entering the market and its composition. However, these are in-depth topics in their own right.

In short, there is a huge need and great potential for game changing innovation in energy supply and Tilix believes that it is likely that the number of suppliers will continue to grow, meaning that this is a growing market, and not one that should be ignored. The whitepaper discusses market interaction from wholesale all the way down to retail, whilst also detailing aspects of entering the energy supply market including the invent, deploy and optimise phases of the process. Another insight is on the importance of smart metering, and how it has become increasingly relevant in today’s market.

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