Tilix Services

Tilix helps start-up, SME, corporate, government and third sector organisations get to a future where energy is clean, cheap and cheerful.

Tilix is a management consulting business that delivers value through staff augmentation, projects and playbooks. As well as in-depth energy industry knowledge, Tilix clients benefit from a robust and scalable approach based on PRINCE 2, TOGAF, ITIL, COBIT and other best practices.

For example at Logicor Energy, Tilix are proactively turning innovative ideas into fully functioning business operations by providing a turnkey set up of an electricity supply business.

A good example of a pure staff augmentation engagement is in fulfilling the role of Technical Lead for the smart meter comms hub at Telefonica IoT.

National Grid’s Deeside Project also benefited from Tilix staff augmentation services. Our expertise in industrial IoT supported the design, construction, operation, performance and maintenance of a 400kV environment that will help improve electricity transmission networks including HVDC inter-connectors, connections to generators and interfaces with low voltage networks.

Tilix Playbooks

Tilix packages its knowledge and experience into repeatable, preconfigured solution kits tailored to market requirements. Instead of working from scratch to meet uniquely bespoke project specifications, a playbook engagement leverages pre-established processes and technology. Deliverables are customised as opposed to custom. There are eight Tilix Playbooks, where each represents a spoke in a wheel. Tilix is a “wheel-turner” with the ability to cut through all obstacles and challenges on the road to winning the fossil fuel end game.

Tilix Playbook

Licensee Consulting

Tilix regulatory expertise is strongest in energy supply as evidenced by our work for Ofgem in faster and more reliable switching. However, the firm offers experience from across the whole value chain.

For example Become Energy recently turned to Tilix for strategic and tactical advice on licensing spanning generation, distribution and supply. This has required in-depth technical understanding of electricity storage technologies, market characteristics, operating performance, network constraints and end use applications including sports venues, factories, shopping malls, EV charge points and distributed generation (wind, hydro, solar PV etc).

Architecting Enterprises

Tilix has helped new entrants like Our Power, OneSelect, Orbit Energy and Logicor Energy architect their enterprises.

From an executive viewpoint, these firms follow an arc of execution involving inventing, deploying and optimising business capabilities. Tilix involvement is particularly intense when new entrants establish their initial operating capabilities and execute a controlled market entry. During the full market entry and BAU, Tilix tends to take an advisory role and works on a call off basis.

In architecting retail businesses Tilix consultants typically work as a team of three. One is focussed on buying energy. Another leads on selling energy. Whilst the third brings expertise on moving & metering energy.

Digital Engineering

Tilix designs, builds and maintains systems of engagement and systems of intelligence that deliver value across the whole energy value chain.

The Tilix architecture uses a hub and spoke model to form highly cohesive business systems. We are experts in loosely coupling to systems of record from the likes of Gentrack, Utiligroup, Ferranti, AMT-Sybex and CGI.

Concrete examples of Tilix systems of engagement can be found in retail energy supply:

  1. A content managed website acts as a shop window to the world.
  2. The acquisition portal hooks into industry data from ECOES and DES as well as a database of tariff information. At the end of the acquisition journey, a customer is created in the billing and CIS system.
  3. The self-serve portal delivers outgoing bills, letters and other communication. It also provides a mechanism for providing meter reads and consumption information.
  4. The CRM tracks suspects, prospects and leads. It is also used to manage inbound and outbound campaigns.

Directing IT

Building on experience of long term IT leadership assignments with Ovo and Good Energy, Tilix provides a range of IT management and IT governance services to SMEs in the energy, sustainability and clean-tech markets.

Key areas of focus for Tilix consultants are:

  • Governance & Management
  • Infrastructure & Service Desk & DevOps
  • Systems & Applications
  • Buy or build decisions
  • Data Architecture & Retention Policy
  • Unified Communications
  • InfoSec (governance, pen test, GDPR)

For organisations without an IT Director, Tilix offers a fractional CIO service. In these cases, our clients enjoy the benefit of first class IT governance and management without the overhead of employing a full-time member of staff.

For SMEs with an in-house IT capability, Tilix provides ad hoc advisory, interim management and project based solutions on an as needed basis.

Tilix Research brings together a broad range of expertise and experience in computing, electrical engineering and the utility industry to the project. Our PhD qualified consultants work according to lean and agile methods. This is bringing valuable insights to our clients around how smart and digital is disrupting the whole energy system.

Take Logicor for example. The firm is a leader in far-field IR, a novel heat source technology and commissioned sponsored research from Tilix on topics including:

  • Accuracy of metering.
  • Metering and data logging technologies.
  • Metering regulatory requirements.
  • Calibration of heat, current and voltage sensors.
  • IoT solutions for enabling far field IR heating systems to be monitored remotely.

Innovation Management

Incumbents looking for the next wave turn to Tilix to help them generate ideas, find the most promising options and turn these into reality.

Coaching & Mentoring

Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, boards and investors look to Tilix for advice on a number of smart energy topics. Whilst having an informal feel, these engagements are structured as far as practicable in order to maximise impact and knowledge transfer.

Impact Investing

Tilix uses retained earnings to support nascent, potentially game changing ideas in smart energy. For example, Tilix has a small number of strategic investments in start ups where entrepreneurial CEOs value the cash, advice, knowledge transfer and connections Tilix provides.

Impact investing is proving to be a great way for Tilix to adapt to the emerging smart energy market. It is also a small but important contribution to winning the fossil fuel end game.