Tilix to Manage Uniti R&D

Neil Williams

28 Feb 2019

Uniti on show

Tilix has provided ad hoc support to Uniti for almost 3 years: Contributing in a variety of areas such as liaising with government grant bodies, supporting crowd funding efforts and coaching the technical team in topics such as managing R&D, vehicle development and prototyping.

Building on this productive relationship, Uniti will now leverage Tilix innovation management expertise to address specific R&D goals from its business plan. The areas of focus will be:

  • Managing sources of R&D funding.
  • Leading R&D activity.
  • Nurturing medium-long term partnerships.
  • Identifying and transitioning innovations for scaling up.
  • Extracting value from ideas that do not get backed for scale.

Tilix innovation management service is an ideal solution for Uniti as we move into our next stage of growth. It will help our R&D function deliver material value to our company and our products. Lewis Horne, Uniti CEO.

R&D’s mandate is to position Uniti to catch the next wave. With support from Tilix, Uniti’s R&D function will undertake precious gold mining activity and will provide a key plank in Uniti’s mission to make a positive impact on the future of mobility.

Uniti represents a wonderful opportunity for reshaping the city car. It is a blank canvas for creativity and innovation in autonomous, electric, connected and shared mobility. The Tilix team is delighted that Uniti have chosen us to help take their R&D to the next level. Dr Neil Williams, CEO, Tilix

This approach to R&D means that Uniti’s core team can stay focussed on its short-medium term goals of building a production line and getting cars onto the roads. Therefore, Uniti can grow revenue whilst in parallel it takes positions on the longer term opportunities offered by emerging innovations in mobility.

Uniti will have a number of R&D projects cooking in parallel. Tilix will use a variety of innovation management and partnership brokering techniques to ensure that each has some potential to catch the next big wave. Dr Neil Williams, CEO, Tilix